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Rizwan Ahmed CPA- The Joys of Self-Care: A Productive Way to Reduce Workplace Stress

This article looks at how jobs are perceived as enjoyable, unpopular, or stressful explains Rizwan Ahmed CPA. It discusses some of the pressures that workers face in today’s society along with ways to combat them.

Self-care is crucial for both mental and physical health, but it often gets pushed aside in daily life because of work responsibilities and familial obligations. The workplace can be especially draining because of pressure from managers and deadlines, but there are many methods that employees can use to trick the brain into relaxation through self-care. Employers can also help their employees by offering workshops and providing a relaxed workspace to ease tensions (Scott).

The Workplace: An Enjoyed Place to Be?

One study found that people generally enjoy their job when they have good relationships with their managers or have autonomy in their work. However, another study found that only half of the participants reported being happy at work. The authors noted that this was probably due to job stress and lack of fulfillment (Kahn).

Another study surveyed individuals within a company to find out whether they felt valued by other employees. Results showed positive relationships between coworkers had a significant impact on an individual’s happiness about their workplace (Liang et al.). Researchers also analyzed three million messages people sent on LinkedIn, finding that people who express gratitude are happier at work because it helps build social capital (Scott). Work-related social media interactions appear to improve professional life satisfaction as well as personal life satisfaction (Yukl).HR departments should also be cognizant of the fact that employees often feel stressed out after work hours says Rizwan Ahmed CPA.

Employers should recognize this need and provide options for people to decompress outside of work, such as putting “away” times on schedules so workers can relax without feeling guilty about leaving early. Employers can also offer spa days or breaks during which employees can participate in activities that are unrelated to their jobs, like getting a massage or going for a walk (Kahn).

Self-care is an integral part of not only decreasing stress levels but also improving health. People who practice self-care are less likely to develop chronic illnesses. They are also better able to maintain good relationships with others rather than focusing solely on themselves (Scott). Many studies have shown that self-care reduces stress and that people who report higher levels of self-care also have lower blood pressure (Scott).

One way to encourage employees to practice self-care is to ensure that their workplace has a relaxed environment. This includes having carpeted floors, plants in the office, music playing on workdays, windows with a view, lighting appropriate for tasks, comfortable seating, and bathrooms easily accessible to employees (Scott).

If the idea of self-care conjures up images of expensive spas and yoga retreats, think again. More and more people are taking on the challenge to incorporate little free time activities into their daily routines to unwind and boost their mood — which in turn is having a positive impact on their overall health and well-being. But how can you make time for these seemingly trivial tasks amidst an already jam-packed workday?

Here’s how some employees at HuffPost HQ incorporated self-care into their busy lives:

Treat Yourself:

One of the most effective ways to take care of you is by rewarding yourself once in a while. Allow yourself to indulge in something that you normally wouldn’t have time to do if it meant a better, healthier you. HuffPost editor Emily McCombs suggests having a “treat yourself day” during which you may indulge in the dishes from your Netflix queue that have been piling up, reading an entire magazine from cover-to-cover or going to see a movie — just as long as it’s something that makes you happy explains Rizwan Ahmed CPA.

Fitness for Fun:

News writer Alana Horowitz recommends incorporating exercise into your daily routine. By taking a dance class or trying out different fitness activities with friends. It can be as simple as going on a hike after work or playing tennis at the park before dinner. “I’m motivated knowing I’ll get fit and toned…and afterward. I’ll feel invigorated and happy I made time for me,” Horowitz said.

Sleep Well:

It’s no secret that sleep is beneficial to our health. But it can be hard to prioritize when you’re so busy with work. News writer Anna Almendrala suggests creating a bedtime routine. By getting cozy with your favorite book or comforter before turning off the lights. You’ll feel more relaxed knowing you have some quality “you” time ahead of you tomorrow morning. And don’t forget to keep your bedroom cool at night. Experts say keeping it under 70 degrees F will help promote better sleep.

Smell Good:

HuffPost editor Jennifer Chowdhury says she keeps perfume on hand at all times. Because smelling good helps her feel more confident, which in turn boosts her mood. “I love the way I feel when people compliment me on my scent,” she said.


To encourage your employees to practice self-care, try implementing a self-care day says Rizwan Ahmed CPA. Make it mandatory that one day a month is spent doing something the employee wants to do. Whether it be going to the spa or sleeping in. And encourage everyone who participates to share their activities on social media using the company’s hashtag.

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