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Rizwan Ahmed CPA- The Importance of Creating and Following a Personal Mission Statement

The Importance of Creating and Following a Personal Mission Statement to Live By

  • “A mission statement is a guide that helps us find meaning and purpose in life. It’s the source of wisdom we can look to when we feel adrift as if our life were floating randomly on the sea of circumstance.”
  • By now you’ve probably seen those cheesy posters with cliché quotes like “Follow Your Dreams!” or “Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted”. I used to chuckle and roll my eyes at these messages because frankly, they seemed so antithetical to real adult life: bills don’t pay themselves and climbing the corporate ladder takes priority over following your dreams right? Well, after taking some time off traveling recently I realized how much better my perspective become since quitting my job almost five years ago. I came to the realization that everyone needs a mission (or guiding principle) in their life; something you can always turn back to when the reality is pulling you down or you lose sight of why you decided to do what it is that makes your heart happiest.
  • “A mission statement focuses our energy and brings us clarity, creativity and strength.”
  • Why bother with creating a mission statement? If you’re like me then you’ve probably shied away from anything that felt “new age”, but let me assure you this isn’t New Age mumbo jumbo!

There are actually several reasons for developing a personal mission statement which includes:

1. As mentioned, a mission gives you clarity and direction in life. It acts as a reminder of what is most important to you and directs your energy toward those things says Rizwan Ahmed CPA.

2. A mission statement helps reduce stress by showing us where we should focus our energy or “put our time in”.

3. It allows us to be ourselves because it provides the unique lens through which we see the world.

4. A personal mission statement leads to happiness and success because it inspires positive change AND motivates us to take action on a daily basis!

“Developing a personal mission statement means taking the time to figure out who you are, what makes you happy, what your values are and how those values can help guide how you live your life.” says Rizwan Ahmed CPA.

“A mission statement clarifies what is important to you, your beliefs and values. It can help you make better decisions about things that are not aligned with your values. You can use it as a guide or filter for decision making.”

So What Are Some Examples Of Personal Mission Statements? There are many examples online but here are some personal mission statements that caught my attention: “My mission in life is to share my passions with the world and inspire others to do the same. I want people to be happy by experiencing new things and living their dreams.” “To be a leader and create change that benefits those around me every day, living with a passion to make the world a better place.” “To inspire as many as I can to learn about and enjoy wildlife conservation.”

Of course, you don’t have to write your statement in this format; mine isn’t even really written like this either explains Rizwan Ahmed CPA. A personal mission statement is not something that must be formatted perfectly or necessarily even written down, but it should just be something that gives you an idea of what’s most important and what you hope for out of life. You might find it helpful to write your personal mission statement in point form so that you can easily refer to it when the going gets tough…but don’t share it with anyone!

Your mission statement is uniquely yours and meant to give you strength so it should only be shared with those who are close to you. How To Create Your Own Personal Mission Statement It’s important to remember that this is your personal mission statement! Don’t worry about what others think or about trying to fit into some mold of what you think a “good” mission statement might be. This is just for you, so feel free to keep it simple, straightforward and relevant to your life. After all, who cares if the current President doesn’t have one LOL?


We all need to take time out of our busy lives to do things that recharge us and help us grow as people says Rizwan Ahmed CPA. Writing a personal mission statement is simply one way that you can empower yourself by setting intentions for your life. When we have a clear sense of our values and how we want to live the rest of our life, it becomes easier to figure out what steps we need to take in order to get where we ultimately want to be.

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